Episode 11

Silvia Odio’s Warren Commission testimony can be read here

The section of the HSCA report dealing with the Odio Incident can be read here

One of the FBI agents who interviewed Silvia Odio was James Hosty, who briefly recounted the conversation in his book Assignment: Oswald.

The report of Odio’s initial interview with the FBI can be read here

Silvia Odio’s priest, Father Walter Machann, recalled his conversation with Silvia Odio in a Frontline documentary. See the video of his remarks here at the 1 minute 40 second mark.  

Silvia Odio’s psychiatrist, Burton Einspruch, testified to the HSCA in 1978. His testimony can be read here

The full audio of Liebeler’s radio appearance (which also featured contributions from the Warren Commission attorneys Joseph Ball and Albert Jenner) is available here  As always, hats off to the excellent David Von Pein for locating and posting this invaluable historical material.

Neither bus driver remembered seeing Oswald on the bus. See the FBI’s report on this question here.

"Several astute writers have suggested that the Warren Commission’s failure to find any evidence on the bus amounts to evidence of a kind that he wasn’t on it ..." This claim is made by Sylvia Meagher in Accessories After the Fact, by Jean Davison in Oswald’s Game, and by Bugliosi in Reclaiming History.

J. Lee Rankin’s remark to Liebeler - “At this stage we’re supposed to be closing doors, not opening them” - was first reported in Edward Epstein’s Inquest.

Rankin’s letter to J. Edgar Hoover can be read here

Hoover’s reply to Rankin, advancing the false claim that the Odio mystery had been solved, can be read here

On Hoover withholding the fact that Loran Hall had recanted his story, see Anthony Summers, Not in Your Lifetime, pp. 360-361. See also the Washington Post story that appears on the fourth page of this document

Hall later said the FBI fabricated his false confession to get the Warren Commission off its back. See Philip Shenon, A Cruel and Shocking Act.

Liebeler’s memo (“Odio may well be right …”) was entered into evidence when he testified to the HSCA; it can be read as part of his testimony here

Marina Oswald’s quote about Oswald (“His basic desire was to get to Cuba by any means …” comes from her Warren Commission testimony, which can be read here.  

Carlos Bringuier’s Warren Commission testimony can be read here.

According to Marina, Oswald often bragged about his skills as a marksman. See Jean Davison, Oswald’s Game.

Jack Ruby was irked by Oswald’s smirk. See this story from The New York Times

The CIA said that Castro’s UPI interview was “a more than ordinary attempt to get a message on the record in the US.” See this document, p. 9. 

Castro’s remarks were reported in New Orleans. See David Belin, Final Disclosure.

The text from Comer Clarke’s purported interview with Castro is quoted by Anthony Summers in Not in Your Lifetime, p. 574. On the following page, Summers persuasively argues that the text of the interview was fabricated by Clarke’s former assistant.

The account of Jack Childs’s meeting with Castro in Havana comes from the book Operation Solo by John Barron. See also this article by Mel Ayton. 

J. Edgar Hoover’s letter reporting the above information to J. Lee Rankin, dated June 17, 1964, can be seen here

On the question of whether or not Castro’s account of Oswald’s remarks in the embassy was accurate, see Bugliosi, Reclaiming History, Endnotes, p. 731.