Episode 12

Horace and Estelle Twiford’s affidavits can be read here

The FBI’s account of its first interview with Mrs Twiford is here. See pp 3-6.

Oswald’s address book can be perused in full here. For Horace Twiford’s name and address, see page 63. 

Horace Twiford believed the call happened during the week ending Friday September 27. See Bugliosi, Reclaiming History, p. 1305.

“Mrs Twiford stated she feels sure this telephone call was received after dark but not in the late evening …” See this FBI record of interview

“At Beaumont, Texas, the stop is only long enough for the transfer of drivers.” See this FBI report

Bugliosi’s contemplation of the Tuesday night Odio scenario comes on p. 1311 of Reclaiming History.

The Warren Commission testimony of Eric Rogers can be read here

The city bus driver who picked up the man with the two suitcases was Earl Spencer Anderson. The record of his interview with the FBI can be read here

The Warren Commission testimony of Mrs Jesse Garner can be read here

Mr Garner’s affidavit can be read here

The Burt Griffin quote comes from his book JFK, Oswald and Ruby: Politics, Prejudice and Truth. See note 106 on p. 348.

Silvia Odio’s Warren Commission testimony is here

For Oswald’s appearance at the Louisiana Employment Commission on Tuesday, 24 September, 1963, see this document

The FBI’s report on the “normal procedures” by which Oswald’s check would have travelled from Austin to New Orleans is here. For a crisp summary of the FBI’s findings, see John McAdams, JFK Assassination Logic, p. 38.

For a concise account of Jean Davison’s position on the mailing of Oswald’s check, see this useful summary on David Von Pein’s blog.

Davison’s claim that Oswald’s check might have left Austin on the “noon mail train” seems to be premised on this FBI document

Marina Oswald’s Warren Commission testimony can be read here

Marina said that Oswald picked up his unemployment check “every Tuesday.” See this FBI report, p. 550. 

It’s been observed that the Warren Report fails to provide a footnote for its claim that Oswald cashed his previous unemployment check on Tuesday, September 17. This is an unusual omission, since the Report generally provides a source (usually an FBI document) for such claims. And it means that we have no way of checking the basis of this claim. For what it’s worth, though, I would point out that the same claim is made on p. 106 of the Coleman-Slawson report - although here again the claim is not sourced to any supporting document. 

The FBI report about Oswald’s change of address order can be read here. An image of his completed form is here

An FBI report about the cashing of Oswald’s previous checks is here

The FBI document about Thelma Fisher’s working hours is here

It is diabolically hard to provide accurate references to the FBI documents I found among the chaotic stew of Bureau paperwork dumped at archive.org. But I’ll try:

For Agent Hughes’s memo suggesting that Oswald’s check was among the moneys deposited on September 26, see this tranche of documents. If you word-search the phrase “adding machine tapes” and you will land on the right document.

For the teletype of December 11, 1963 (“Bank stamp of national bank of commerce at New Orleans reflects warrant received at that bank Sept 26”) see this tranche of documents and word-search the phrase “warrant received."

For the teletype of December 9 (“this check was included in deposit of Winn Dixie store, but due to overlapping bank stamps date of deposit cannot be clearly determined”) see this tranche of documents and word-search “overlapping bank”. That word-search will give you two results. One will take you to this teletype and the other will take you to the one mentioned below, dated November 28.

For the teletype of 28 November, 1963 ("date … appears to be September 29, 1963 but is not completely legible due to overlapping bank stamps” 
see this tranche of documents and word-search “overlapping bank”. That word-search will give you two results, taking you to this teletype and the one mentioned above, dated December 9.

The link to Oswald's paycheck, with the "overlapping bank stamps" on the rear, is here. The image to look at is the middle one on the right.

J. Lee Rankin’s letter to J. Edgar Hoover can be read here

Hoover’s duplicitous reply can be read here

The HSCA’s conclusions about the Odio incident can be read here. See pp. 31-32.

The quotes from the letter of Silvia Odio’s father come from Silvia’s Warren Commission testimony.