Episode 8

As usual, David Von Pein’s JFK Channel on YouTube has been an invaluable resource for archival audio.

My quotes from the transcript of Dr Perry’s press conference are taken from Vincent Bugliosi’s Reclaiming History (p. 412).

The quote from the second emergency surgeon (“It certainly did look like an entrance wound”) and the quote from the journalist Richard Dudman (“The question that suggests itself is …”) are both taken from Mark Lane’s “Lawyer’s Brief”, which can be read here

Dr Perry’s quote about not holding a press conference after Oswald’s death (“I had got a lot smarter in two days”) comes from Gerald Posner’s Case Closed, p. 304.

Kennedy’s autopsy report can be read here

My overview of Kennedy’s autopsy relies heavily on the account provided by Vincent Bugliosi in Reclaiming History, which can also be found in his shorter and more portable book Four Days in November.

Dr Perry’s Warren Commission testimony can be read here

The quote about the Warren Commission’s reluctance to allow “piecemeal releases” of information comes from Edward Epstein’s Inquest.

Sibert and O’Neill’s report about the autopsy can be read here

A .zip file for the complete FBI Summary Report can be found at the Internet Archive

The FBI’s Supplemental Report can be read here

J. Edgar Hoover’s “Do it fast!” quote comes from The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover by Anthony Summers, p. 378.

The quote from Howard Willens comes from his excellent book History Will Prove Us Right, pp 42-43.

The New York Times version of the AP story, headlined "2d Shot Reported Fatal to Kennedy", appeared on p. 27 of the December 18, 1963 edition. It’s available to Times subscribers here

My claim that Hoover (or an FBI agent acting on his authority) was the source of the “metal fragment or piece of bone” leak is strictly speaking an inference rather than an established fact, since the journalist involved never, as far as I know, gave up his source. But the evidence that the story emanated from the FBI strikes me as overwhelming. See the show notes for the previous episode for more on the FBI’s use of leaks “as a form of press release”.

The complete audio of Sylvia Meagher’s radio appearance can be heard here

The complete audio of Liebeler’s “Defending the Warren Report” radio appearance can be heard here

The story of Edward Epstein’s interview with Liebeler is told in Epstein’s useful book The JFK Assassination Diary. He also tells a truncated version of the story on his website

For more info on Sylvia Meagher’s New York salon for assassination buffs, and Edward Epstein’s appearances there, see John Kelin’s useful book Praise From a Future Generation.

The concept of the “conspiracy entrepreneur” is borrowed from Cass Sunstein, as I noted in the previous episode.