Episode 3

I have cited most of my sources in the narration.

As usual Vincent Bugliosi’s Reclaiming History has been an invaluable background guide to the sequence of events, etc.

The Oswald radio interview was conducted by Bill Stuckey for WDSU Radio New Orleans on August 17, 1963. Full audio is available here at David Von Pein’s JFK Channel on YouTube.

The complete video of the Good Night America episode is available here at David Von Pein’s JFK Channel.

My account of Oswald’s adventures in Moscow (including his suicide attempt etc.) draws on four sources: Bugliosi, Norman Mailer’s Oswald’s Tale, Priscilla McMillan’s Marina and Lee, and Jean Davison’s Oswald’s Game.

My account of the derringer episode relies on both Davison and Bugliosi.

The quote from Robert Oswald comes from this 2013 interview with PBS

The quotes from Martin Amis come from Amis’s review of Mailer’s Oswald’s Tale. Amis’s review is collected in his book The War Against Cliché

Text from Oswald’s correspondence with various leftist organisations, including the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, is quoted from Bugliosi.

Richard Snyder’s observations about Oswald come from his testimony before the Warren Commission, and from a memo to the State Department reproduced in Volume 18 of the Warren Commission’s Hearings and Exhibits.

On the backyard photos, the quotes from Michael Paine and from the receptionist at The Militant come from Gus Russo’s Live by the Sword.