Episode 1

As usual, see the home page for general sources.

Most of my information about Richard Pavlick’s aborted attempt on Kennedy’s life comes from the book Killing the President, by Willard M. Oliver and Nancy E. Marion. The Smithsonian Channel also has a useful short video about Pavlick and his bomb. 

Basic information about dates and timelines etc. comes mainly from Bugliosi, who in turn relied on the work of the Warren Commission and the HSCA to develop his account.

George de Mohrenschildt’s “hillbilly” quote comes from his testimony to the Warren Commission. 

Priscilla Johnson McMillan’s Marina and Lee, which McMillan wrote after conducting numerous interviews with Marina, was my source for much of the material about the Oswald marriage. When I describe Marina's impressions of Oswald ("it seemed to her that he liked secrecy for its own sake" etc.), and when I quote from private conversations between Marina and Lee, the source is McMillan. 

The audio snippets of Marina come from her 1978 appearance before the HSCA. All remaining quotes from Marina (e.g. “I think he had a sick imagination …”) come from the transcript of her testimony to the Warren Commission.

Other audio snippets (the De Mohrenschildts, Ruth Paine, Oswald’s New Orleans landlady etc.) come from TV interviews conducted shortly after the assassination.

Ambassador Richard Snyder’s “overbearing arrogance and insufferable adolescence” observation is quoted in Oswald’s Game by Jean Davison, which is an excellent source of material about Oswald’s personal and political history. So is Oswald’s Tale by Norman Mailer. 

Oswald’s complaint about the lack of bowling alleys and nightclubs in Minsk comes from his "Historic Diary".

Some of the material about Ruth Paine draws on her Warren Commission testimony.